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  • Eurostat - Labour Force Survey

    Almost 70% of employed persons in the EU27 worked in the service sector in 2011. Read more

  • Mobile operators block Skype

    Mobile operators block or reduce their options for their customers to use the so-called VOIP (voice over IP) according to the EU's Regulatory Authority. This prevents the use of services on the customers’ networks. Skype is one of these services. Read more

  • EU27 - Consumer price levels

    Price levels varied in 2011 from 51% of the EU27 average in Bulgaria to 142% in Denmark. Read more

  • 20 million for Industry

    Malta Enterprise has been entrusted by the Managing Authority for Structural Funds as an Intermediate Body (IB) responsible for administering six European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Grant Schemes. Read more

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