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Establishingabroad.com is a website filled with articles and tips and companies that are developing business relationships outside of Sweden. There is also a venue for successful entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and experience from markets worldwide. Establishingabroad.com is your inspiration when establishing abroad or where you are looking for business partners in other countries.

In connection with any countries that are featured on the website information and contact details of the companies that can assist you in your business abroad. Whether you are in need of help and advice on legal issues, transport problems, logistics, financing and much more, so we have companies that can serve you.

Do you plan on outsourcing a product or service? Then you will find valuable information about this on Establishingabroad.com. The website also presents a number of examples of Swedish companies that have successfully established themselves in the country you are interested.

The site has its origins in Establishing Abroad, which was published for the first time in 2005. Establishingabroad.com was launched in April two years later. In Sweden, interest in globalization and the business opportunities that internationalization great. This has led many Swedish companies going abroad market.

When you advertise on our website you can reach a large proportion of the companies that are interested to take the step beyond Sweden's borders and foreign companies who are curious about the Swedish market.

The company behind Establishing Abroad called Helland Consulting AB is a Swedish media company working exclusively with "business to business" communication with a global perspective. Our own concept Establishing Abroad, which includes a web site and a newspaper, aims to help companies minimize their risks when establishing abroad. In Helland Consulting, we have a strong growth strategy, which means that the concept Establishing Abroad continually evolve to meet our target group. Our target audience is decision makers.

Helland Consulting consists of an editorial and a sales organization.

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